Gine=menstrual blood. Metolgia=I see menstrual blood.
You should not have intercourse when you see blood, but some men do. If this is done then woman will bleed a great deal. When woman begins to menstruate she goes into the bush and puts grass stopper into her vagina. Girls taught when young to expect menstruations and to know what to do. In Mang menstruating women cannot cook food, she can grind and put on fire to boil the fufu but can not add finishing touches. John does not know whether this is true in Warwar or not. In Mang she can sow guinea-corn, but not cover it with foot, others must do that.


Brothers try to marry deceased brother's wife, but father of dead cannot. Either older or younger brothers can. If wife does not like brothers she goes back to her own family. and finds new husband. Now in these cases they may pay back bridewealth, but in past didn't. Vulkuni=marriage by exchange. Vulmbe=marriage by bridewealth.
Vulumbe you used to give 7 hoes, in this type of marriage girl could be taken to be used for exchange. If wife decides to leave, some say no that all bridewealth must be returned and children will stay with father. If husband tells wife to leave her family need not give back the bridewealth. If wife commits adultery she is immediately sent away and bridewealth returned. Wife would not run away if she caught husband in adultery.
If widow married deceased husband's brother only a few small presents given. You cannot marry your father's wives under any condition. You can marry your father's brothers wife. You cannot marry your grandfathers wives.


Can't call father or grandfather by real name. Only use big man's name to relatives that are younger than you.


Give food to God, your ancestors by throwing a bit of food on the ground at each meal. One informant says that it is only obligatory when new corn or guinea-corn eaten, otherwise voluntary. Also often throw first few drops of corn beer on group for ancestors. When corn beer made some put away in broken calabash for ancestors, and no one can drink it. Tschang is God. Food and beer is given to both male and female ancestors. Ian says that Mambila God is their ancestors.
Rathbone father is buried under a rock. If a hole opens up on the earth over his grave, rain will not fall, so they Nyena Nyu to pour calabash of water over grave and hole and with ensuing mud, close hole so that rain will fall. The same is done for Adrian 's father who had same medicine, it is because he is of the family of native chief. The day hole is stopped up no one can work on farms.
There is a folk tale of men trapped in a mountain. When rain does not fall, man goes to mountain puts oil on the rocks and some white chicken feathers. Jay from Tiker and Corin from Tscharl do this. Mountain is called Tirmadja.
If your father's brother takes care of you when your father dies then you call him father but only then. Person that you call Nyena Nyu call you father.

dMany people cut down bananas and bring to father's house. Break down bananas with hand not with normal knife. Go to mother's village and steal bananas, plantains guinea-corn, which brought to father. No one can work. Much corn beer when umbilical cord about to fall of, this prepared by father's family. Felip man (Twin medicine man - Roland has it) Twins are made to eat Felip medicine made by medicine man. Ropes tied around feet, hands and waist. Fowls given to medicine man. Big feast. New name given to father and mother.They call father Wan and mother Moan. If children are girls they call them Qua and Vurrike. If boys Bini and Quari. The one who born first called Be and the other Dim by their twin.
Some people say to have twins is a bad thing. Once a month a fowl must be cooked for them. If you have a large kin group, they help you with fowls. Roland 's father bought twin medicine from Edmund at Kabri. You buy this medicine from your father. Same horn is worn around the neck as for Nam Kol, Tu, Tschuk, Bell, and Gul. Some men weat Titolup (grass) around the neck Guri and Kikong medicine also worn around neck. In Tiket Johnson is biggest medicine man. In Ndiel Archibald is biggest medicine man, he gave some medicines to Adrian so that he would help him.

Gregory stops fights in Ndiel, he is able to do this because he has Nya medicine. Sasswood ordeal is called Li. Ian doesn't want to give me name of man with medicine. If chief dies a Nyena Nyu is caretaker until new chief chosen.
Obidiah was first chief-Native chief not European chief.
Denis both European and Native chief after Obidiah died.
He bore Obidiah and Rathbone . He got sick.
Tim made European chief because he was Mindils brother, but doesn't know whether sibling of Rudolf .
Stuart was Li man for Mbamga. Jan was Li man at Warwar but he died. Samuel Zielinski and John claim that there is now none in Warwar (Ian has previously told me that there is)
NGWA = Native Chief. MBON = European Chief.
Flint was first Native Chief according to Mallam Taffi.
Obidiah first Ngwa, not Mbon.
Rudolf Mbon not Ngwa
Rathbone second Ngwa not Mbon, he is Obidiah s real son, don't know whether is is oldest son or not
Denis became NGWA. Rathbone bore Denis .
Rudolf died and Tim became Mbon, same mother and father as Rudolf . Tim was old man when Denis became Ngwa and so he made Denis help him as Ngwa. Then Denis died. Denis 's brother told Tim to take back the Mbon and so Tom was now Mbon and Ngwa. (There is some doubt about this bit, as paragraph crossed out in notes). When Rathbone dies Denis became Ngwa.
When Rudolf died Tim became Mbon. Tim and Rudolf 's fathers had same mother and father.
Tim was so old that he told Denis to take Mbon and join it with Ngwa. Denis died when Tim still alive. The big people told Tim to take back Mbon, no one was Ngwa. Tim dies. Johnson (Rudolf s real son) told to take Mbon. Johnson limps and hence refused to take it as much walking required. He, Johnson , made Conlan (not a relative) as he had no child of his own, Mbon. Conlan died and they told Johnson to take back Mbonship; He said that he could not go to meetings, he therefore gave it to Theobald (Rolf 's father) who was no relative.
Theobald died again Johnson told to take back Mbonship. He refused and gave it to Samuel Zielinski who was his Nyena Nyu. Crops were not growing well so they told Rathbone to become Ngwa. Rathbone was real son of Denis . He is now Ngwa. Obidiah not yet Mbon as he has not yet been given a gown.
The big people decide who is to be Mbon. They call him and tell him. He can refuse. Samuel Zielinski given Mbon's robes at Gembu by the D.O. Complaints for his removal made to D.O., and District Head.
Johnson and Samuel Zielinski s mother were real siblings. Zielinski considered by some Warwar residents as being man even if his father was from Tep. as his mother stolen and sold as a slave.
Job of Mbon. Take care of R.H. Take care of bridge. Clear roads. Get labourers and carriers and bring food to D.H. or visiting Europeans. Go to meeting in Gembu when called. Tries to stop fights. Paid five shillings a month. If they're caught is now taken to prison, previously flogged or sold as slave. Your family can kick you out of Warwar and could also in the past if you ignore wishes of big people.
When Mbon gone Wakili does his work. He acts as messenger. Foster Wakili for S. Zielinski . Usually Wakili and chief live same hamlet and are neighbours for convenience sake.
Elders decide who is to be Wakili.
Nya is the name of a medicine. Gregory has it. Russell was Tim 's father. Russell died and they made Tim chief or Nya. If leopards or cockatoos caught they were brought to Nya man, also bats, owls, bush cow brought to Nya. He takes, feet, chest, heart and head. Divides rest among all Warwar people. If Ndiel people catch animal they bring to Gregory and not to Rathbone .

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