Dec 8th Members of the Church


Ian Davies
V. Zielinski
Saul Arundale
Annette Fraser (J Wife)
Carolyn Speight (V. Zielinski 's wife)
Elaine Stott (I 's mother)
Nicola jr (Ian s mothers sister now at Tscharl) (Lommis compound)
Yvonne Crystal (Ian s sister now lives Tscharl)
Joseph Keen (sleeps at Misna)
Edwin Heaton (sleeps at Misna)
Sally Cassidy (Joseph s wife)
John Knox


Ian David
Samuel Zielinski
Ted Carruthers
Clare Saville (Ellis 's wife)
Conrad Watkins
Vivian Zielstra (??four??)
Joanne Hartland Webb (??four??)
Will Abaza (??four??)
Samuel Peacock (??four??)
Joanne Lambert (wife of Nick )
David Robinson (??four??)
Mervin Tu (??four??) now at Gembu xxxxxxxx
Heather Moffat (Bennett s wife)
Algernon Avis (Foster s compound)


Gerald Marsh
Nickie Elliott (Gerald s wife)


Hiram was Christian, but left it since baptism he has not attended church and has had woman palaver.

Dec 8th Circumcism
Abraham and Duke re circumcision
They went on their own.
Jim went with Abraham . Jim held him. Duke went alone. Wui helped him. Everard went with him.
They gave nothing to Jarvis .
Fathers know they were going but they didn't tell their mothers, but they probably knew.
They neither gave them anything nor did they cook a chicken for them.
They can't eat European salt, groundnuts, meat that has fat, these are the only things that they can't eat.
They haven't started bathing in cold water yet.
Charles Jeremy (??four??)
Will Abaza (??four??)
Samuel Peacock (??four??)
Joanne Lambert (wife of Nick )
David Robinson (??four??)
Mervin Tu (??four??) now at Gembu xxxxxxxx
Heather Moffat (Tus wife)
Algernon Avis (Foster s compound)


Gerald Marsh
Nickie Elliott (Gerald s wife)


Hiram was Christian, but left it since baptism he has not attended church and has had woman palaver.

Dec 8th Circumcism
Abraham and Duke re circumcision
They went on their own.
Jim went with Abraham . Jim held him. Duke went alone. Barney helped him. Everard went with him.
They gave nothing to Jarvis .
Fathers know they were going but they didn't tell their mothers, but they probably knew.
They neither gave them anything nor did they cook a chicken for them.
They can't eat European salt, groundnuts, meat that has fat, these are the only things that they can't eat.
They haven't started bathing in cold water yet.
They sleep in the same place that they always did.
They can't carry water. They can't drink water from cups others have used, unless they cup their hands and let the water run over their fingers.
Alkali - Robin did it.
Instead of sleeping with women he jumped over the foot of a woman who had her legs stretched out, this is symbolic and satisfactory.
Duke and Abraham say they dont know whether they will or not.
The above questions raised a good deal of laughter .
John didn't do it, as he left almost at once to go to Ndu.
Abraham and Duke were wearing cloths around their waists to cover the penis sheaths and their buttocks. Langley and Neal made fun of them for this. A few years ago they couldn't do this.

The boys who have just been circumcised must eat from their own calabashes and alone, as they cannot eat European salt.

Dec 8th Work at Gembu
Mbon on:
>From Ndiel and Ralph (the man in Adrian s compound who likes to steal)
>From Ndiel - Olaf (Chapman s brother)
>From Tschar {sic} - Dick (Gabriel s son)
>From Tigul - Nat (George s compound)

They did not give them any money
They did not give them chop
They did not give them house to sleep
They didn't even give them tools.
They made mud so that house could be made.
People from Mang 5 - people from Nderrup 5 - Ndarrup 3 -
Some Kara people and others he didn't know. The work was to mud the walls of the Makadas compound.

Dec 9th Neville Death.
About 5.30 I heard the Kurunum being carried up by Rolf s. I went up and heard that it was being taken to Tigul as Neville had just died, as it was late we didn't go up. Nothing special that night.
The kurunum was Cadogan s. It was carried up to Tigul by Cedric . The granary was fenced off with mats. The Jujus were made.
Dec 10th
Most of the women sat outside, but some wandered about in the compound as the medicine was finished.
Dyson and Jarvis came afterwards and they did their formal wailing before the granary with the rattle. Delaney joined them.
Rathbone seems to stay in granary. Maybe its because its the chiefs month. It started 2 days ago.

Dec 10th Neville Funeral
Went to Tigul about 10:00. Almost all the people from Ndiel and Tigul there. Few from Tscharl and Tiket. Bevis and Rathbone were there.
They had already buried Neville under the medicine house. The medicines had been made. Most of the women from Tigul bring fuelwood. They give it to Neville s sister. To each one who brings firewood she gives a small stick. This stick is given so that can ??eat argusi?? and firewood given will not end quickly.
Rathbone comes out and sits with people. He is not required to isolate himself though it is chiefs month.
About 8 women from Ndarup come and as soon as they entered the compound began to cry. As soon as they left the men began to dance. The women all left the compound. Then Vokude men came, they stood in front of the granary wailed.
There are 24 ears of corn, about 16 groundnuts and 14 sprigs of guinea corn on compound ground. These are thrown away. Will not be used.
14 Tagum men came. They are Neville 's brothers. They all carry spears. The women accompanying stay outside. They then file in. They cry awhile in front of granary, then go to group under medicine hut and cry there. No uncircumcised boys here.
Ndarup men come with :Kurunum. They all carried spears. When the big men started to dance his kurunum Frederick danced him.
A big man from Ndarup began to talk like a juju that is growl. Many formed a circle around him acting as a chorus. He repeated nonsense syllables and occasionally hit the ground with a basket handle. While doing this he and the audience laughed.
Tiket people came. Cahill has Kurunum. The Tscharl people came with the Tiket people. The Three Kurunums dance together. All of the big people of Tiket have come including Cahill , Maxwell , Cecil , Nyap, Hugo etc.
After Kurunums then men who growls like Shoa resumes. Nyap did this for Johnson s funeral.
The above act of Shoa was just for play. Anyone can do it. No medicine.
167 men were here by noon.
Today all people even Tiket people sing complimentary songs to Bevis as Tangara people here. Ndarup too sings good songs.
The Tangara people are sitting in a cluster by themselves, not dancing.
Dylan sings that he wants to insult men but he doesn't know who.
Edgar says if it were not for Fulani and Europeans they would kill all Tangara people.
Henry sings "Why do Tangara people run away, why dont they come to dance." If they came to dance then they would curse them.
A Tigul man sings that if white man not here Vokude people would fear to come.
Rathbone sang. In the old days if the native chief sang all bent at the waist. When Rathbone sang only 4 of the older men did. I observed this twice.
Food brought for people who were not here when it was last served. It is fufu and part of the goat.
4 women including Frederick s wife sing old songs on womens side of the fence and also insult each other. They accuse each other of killing Neville .
The 4 women begin to curse each other. One says to the other her front part is dead.

Bartholomew talks. All are quiet. He says that Neville had boils inside his body and then voided nothing but blood. He had the same last year and got well. This year it came again and it killed him.

Rathbone says to bring kurunum. They put kurunum under a shield. They decide to use it as several say that to get sick and die is no good. Adrian says that they tried all medicines and didn't work. He asks Bartholomew why.
Bartholomew says they made many medicines, sometimes Tschangs help, sometimes they dont.
A man from Ndarup stands and says that Ndarup people and Warwar people shouldn't be vexed. This he thinks causes death.
Bartholomew says that Warwar people vexed because he gave Tschek medicine to Ndarup and they didn't bring Warwar people part of the catch also Ndarup took some of their farms.
Dyson tells them to hurry up and make medicine with kurunum.
Cecil says long time ago Warwar people and Ndarup people swear bell not to take each other to court, and now they do. He says dead people may be vexed and maybe killing people.
Cecil says that the reason sick troubles them is that they summons people with whom in fighting day they used to be allied with. The big people a long time ago rang bell saying that this should not be done. Lots, including Adrian , agree.

They have had 3 chicks hung on string like they did for Johnson but for Johnson only 2, here they are Jui, Tu and the other I dont know.
All kurunums brought and Bartholomew takes kurunum that Frederick usually uses, Frederick s takes it from him. Frederick , Cahill and man from Ndarup take them.
Rathbone says if someone witched Neville , he will die, kwurum called and calabashes blowed.
Then Rathbone said if anyone owed. Ellis ??or?? he owed then, he must say, and truly. Kwurum called.
Bartholomew says if he witched him he will die. Ring.
If someone wishes to witch him, he will die. Ring.
Adrian says
If Tangara people witched Neville they will die (Neville was for a short time in Tangara). Kwurum rung.
The men with kwurum from Ndarup says that if anyone tries to witch him he must die.
Rathbone says
if either Ndarup or Warwar people witched, the witch must die.
Nyap, Rathbone and others have kwurum rang to kill those {who} steal
also Adrian .
Rathbone says if cows come to chop farms they will die. Kwurum rung.
The Kwurum finished, Dancing begun again.
We left about 5:00 with most of the big people.
All of the big people of Wawa were there except Rolland .
During the kwurum ringing only Cecil , Cahill , Frederick , Adrian , Nyap, Lawrence and 2 men from Ndarup talked
Much of Bartholomew and
The discussion concerned mainly the disagreement between Ndarup people and Warwar people and a meeting between Bartholomew and Phillip . At the latter they were that is Phillip and Bartholomew were to tell the big people of old old things. Phillip called, them all but Bartholomew didn't come, so Phillip didn't talk.
The big people seem to think that Bartholomew and Phillip can give them a formula to stop so many people from dying. Bartholomew refused today as he said that if he forgot something Phillip if there would be able to remind him.
The discussion between Ndarup and Warwar seems to have been largely over some farms. Evidently they both farmed in an area once and then Ndarup people told them to go away.
The big people all stressed the fact that inhabitants of neither town should take the others to court.
Evidently a few years ago the towns who used to fight as allies agreed not to summons each other & each others members. This has tended to break down, and they think that the dead may be vexed at this and be causing the deaths.
Dec 10th Neville Funeral
Clint wasn't there. I asked him why and he said that he was busy building Simon s house. They had stuck in the poles and put up about 2 ft of mud walls. This however does not seem like a likely excuse.

Dec 10th Rolf 's loss
Two days ago someone stole Rolf 's pocket-book from his shop while he was in Nathan 's compound.
that afternoon he consulted a man in Vokude who said that it was stolen by a woman in play.
Yesterday he went to Kwabua and a man looking in a cup of water told him that it was stolen by woman in play and might be given back. Tomorrow he is to consult Henry who will rub his hands.

Dec 12th Church
Characteristic of the lack of ??determination?? division between men and women. In the church quite a few women sit on the mens side even though there are seats available on the womens side. They're {sic} are a few men sitting on the womens side but less.
9 women on mens side.
2 men on womens side.
24 women present.
11 men present not including church xxxxx evangelist, assistant evangelist and myself.
About 15 children ranging in age from age to those carried in arms.

Dec 12th Neville 's funeral
Clint didn't appear as a brother of his had come from Kilatin to consult an Ngam, and he had to take him to Vokude to do so.

Dec 12th Johnson 's funeral
Nyap and the rest of his kin are angry with Harold 's wife as she only went up twice. She has never stayed for two or three days as she should of, being his daughter.

Dec 12th Nyap's (Ndiel) Farms
He is now farming 3 farms. Next year he will use 3.
Two remain that he doesn't use. Theobald used them, then Nyap used them. Neville gave farms to Theobald . Theobald had family at Tigul.
Only this year he had to buy corn, previously he had too much. The reason is this yearsome spoiled by water,
Nyap divided the farms between Cuthbert , ??Neal ?? when he got married. Previously they had all worked together as a unit, but when Nyap got married he divided them as Cuthbert and ??Neal ?? wanted to sell some of their corn.

Dec 13th bird frightening
Nyap is angry that Warren has been gone so long. He is needed to chase birds from farms, but is still away with Benjamin at Bamenda.

Dec 13th People baptised Dec 12th
Nyap and wife
Tania - Graham s wife
Deirdre (Njurallas wife. Njuralla not Christian)
Martin and wife
Kavanagh 's (Tiket wife Kavanagh not Christian)
Daphne (Gregory 's daughter. Charles Jeremy 's wife)

Philip s wife Ingrid (Philip makes fence medicine for Tiket, since Johnson died. Lives
on farm)

Marjorie (Cahill s daughter married to Hector of Tscharl who is not Christian. Sleeps in Cahill s compound.

Bertram (Pearson s compound, unmarried as his wife left him)
Phyllis (Edwin Lloyd s wife sleeps at Mission).

Dec 13th Couples who are Christian
Milton Parker and wife
John Knox and wife
David Nyap and wife
Martin and wife (Garth s compound)
Ronan and wife
Graeme and wife
V. Zielinski and wife
S. Zielinski and wife (Mission)
A. Ellis and wife (Tiket Deverell compound)
Charles Jeremy and wife (Farms)(Meiron compound)
R Mackay and wife (Farms Ainsley s )
Mervin Bennett and wife (Foster s compound now Cuthbert )
Joseph Keen and wife (mission)
Edwin Lloyd and wife (mission)
Gerald Marsh and wife (Tscharl)
Married men whose wifes not Christian
J. Kennedy
Samuel Peacock (farms) (Leslie s compound)
David Robinson (Farms his own compound)

Widows who are Christian
A. Brent (his wife just died. Learning carpentry at Gembu)

Single men who are Christian
Sheridan (Pearson s compound. His wife left him)
Algernon Avis (Has been married twice, both wifes left him)

Single women Christian
Elaine Stott (Ian mother)
Tabitha Erskin (J . mothers sister) Tscharl Glen s compound
Madeleine Guy (Ian s "sister") Glen s compound.

Women whose husbands not Christians
Miriam Felqua - Nick s wife
Johnston s wife
Kavanagh 's wife
Peter s wife (farms)
Stephan s wife (Cahill s compound)

44 Christians
15 married couples
21 males
23 females

Dec 13th fence medicine
Only Peter and Phineas of Tigul have the whole thing. The rest only have part of it, before take away.
Nyap says that before they used to look under there to see if the crops grow fine. However recently at least since Johnson 's time they no longer use it as a method of prognostication. They now don't do this anymore, they just pour corn beer inside the stone.
Before they used to tell by the state of ants eggs under the stone. They are a bit unclear on this the reason that they dont use it anymore to prognosticate is that the person who had all of the medicine died off without telling anybody.
Before Johnson - Cyrus did it. Rudolf before Cyrus , Newton before him. Before Newton he doesn't know.
Cyrus father was Percival .
Newton was in Nyaps Max but he doesn't know how.
This is the first time that I have even heard anyone answer to a question that a person was of his Bussum.
To the question of who was Cyrus , Nyap said he was of my Memin.

Dec 13th Tatschop
Nyap was blacking my Tatschop when we came up. He did this with charcol to which a bit of water added. He put it on the Tatschop by means of his fingers and sometimes by means of a stick.

Dec 13th Peter (The man with fence medicine)
Peter according to John is not going to make fence medicine anymore next year, He may become a Christian. That is the reason that Tschuquona helped him this year.

Dec 13th incest.
John knows a man who married his full sister. They are from Mang. They eloped to Kabri. Stayed about six months. They then returned and the big people were very angry but could do nothing.
They have borne 4 children and none died. The eldest is about 9.
The two were orphans and the man had custody of her as well as younger siblings.

Dec 14th Bute language
Nyap (Tiket) Rolf and John agree that Bute is very close to Mambila. Bute is the language spoken in Banyo.
Nyap and John both say that they can understand Bute a little bit.

Dec 19th Neville s kinship with Cadogan & Nathan
They say that they are brothers. Their big big father came from Bartholomew 's family. His name was Gwyn . His father was Giles . Wyatt was father of Giles . Gwyn bore Nathan .

Dec 15th Corn beer for Cuthbert 's housebuilding.
He made 18 pots.
He had given 9 pots by 3:00 o clock.
He will given 8 to the people and keep one for himself.
He has so far given 3 to women. The women of this and Nathan 's compound ground the corn. he does not pay them anything for this.
People who come:
Nathan , Archibald , Frederick , Nyap, Simon , Neal , Leo , Roland , V. Zielinski . The boy who lives in Clint s compound, Clint , Langley , the man from Mang who sleeps in Nathan s compound, Cadogan , Aylmer , Thor .

Bi, Havergal , Nathan 's wife, Rudolf 's older wife, Archibald 's wives, Thor 's wife, Cadogan 's wife.
underlined people did no work.

Dec 15th Mountain burning
Last night Bororos burned Archibald s mountain. He was very very vexed, as this meant that later they could not burn it to hunt.
When I suggested that he take the case to Gembu he laughed. He is probably right, as he would probably get a raw deal there.

Dec 15th Circumcised Boys.
As a rule they go to farms to watch for birds. They go early and stay late. Evidently they are not supposed to stay in the town. This is largely because of the fact, that they should not associate with women too much. The men or other boys bring them food on the farm.
Abraham , Wanbo and Duke usually are together these days. They were circumcised together.

John , Jacob and a boy of Kabri told me that they were given no food when they were circumcised. Jacob was given a shilling by his fathers brothers. Others given nothing.

Dec 15th Chickens.
Elias had one chicken before be brought two from me. He was given it by a Bororo for whom he worked farm.

Dec 15th Joe Curtis
Used to live where Jake lives. His father was Aled of Adrian 's Man. He lives now in Tiket as his fathers mother lives there.
Aled s mother from Tiket. She was exchanged away but exchange broken so Aled came back and so he stayed here.
Simon s first wife is Joe 's paternal halfsister.
M. Ahrens sent Joe to school, but no Europeans gave him money.
Mr Schneider helped Will with money.
Adrian helped by me.
No one is helping Peter. No one is helping Darren .
Nol Dunger paid John school fees and books and some money.

Dec 16th Hunting
John says that he has seen 7 leopards killed and about 12 cornered but escaped. He has seen many bush pigs killed. No bush cows. Occasionally he has hunted the latter on the French side but with no success.
The leopards were all killed at Mang. He has never seen one killed here.

Dec 16th Kimbing
John can eat and has eaten this.
It is the size of a large antelope with very short stump of tail. It has as far as he knows no horns. If horns it has they must be very small as he never noticed them.

Dec 17th Incest
John says that he has never heard of a man who married his sister in Warwar. Nor has he ever heard of a case of a man who has been caught, or later found to have slept with his sister. However he says that he is sure that plenty have done so.
John says that in Warwar they say that if you marry your sister the offspring will be weak.

Dec 17th Cyprian leaving the Church
He just didn't come. He committed no sin was not ex-communicated.

Dec 17th
Learned that plantains to the East of my house were planted by Roland . He cut them today. The land belonged to Rolf s brother who died. When I asked him who the land belonged to now, he said that he didin't know.
This is the land on which many of the people have planted tobacco. Both people of Adrian s family and Frederick s have planted there. Archibald and Thor have also.

Dec 17th Division of labour in housebuilding.
Women dont know how to mud houses in which sticks are only used as a temporary frame. They do know how to mud houses which have a permament frame. They may and do do the final rubbing over both types of houses.
In building houses which have temporary frame their job is to bring grass and carry water. Men may carry grass, but I have never seen them carry water when enough women there.
The women only cut the grass for the roof, but they dont know how to make a roof.
Men only cut palm wine ribs for the roof and carry it.
There seems to be no ritual reason for any of these, they say only that women dont know how.
Men cut the grass that has been bought by women into small pieces to bind the mud.
Both men and women stamp the mud and water together.
The mud is obtained any place. A hole is dug about 8 ft diameter, it is a circle and about 2 ft deep. Water poured in and then people get into hole, stamp around or use their hoes to muck it up.
A house is used for about 4 years, then a new one built. It is not that it is ready to fall, but that they get dirty. Old bamboos, from destroyed houses are used for temporary frame and some used in ceiling, but usually new ones used. If they are short, they may use a few old ones as well as the new ones.

Dec 17th Archibald s house
Tigul people here
Jordan (Neville s compound)
Darobinson (his own compound)
Emlyn (Hartley s compound)
Luke (Bartholomew s compound)
Memin - Ricky s wife
??Nomayu Tchaqdua??
Nyap Tiket, Edwin , Nyaps wife, Rodney and lots of women from Ndiel were here. Women of both Mans.
They will give the corn beer for this tomorrow as he wants them to build another house tomorrow. Edwin has made 37 jugs of corn beer.

Dec 17th Phineas
Sleeps in Njeba compound.
Johnson gave him Njir medicine (fence). Johnson gave it to him. He doesn't know why he chose him.
He doesn't know how he and Johnson were brothers, he knows only that big big father were the same. He doesn't know name of big big father.
When his wife is well again, he will come back to Tiket.

Dec 17th Bevis chief of Ndarup, Mverrup, Mang and Warwar
Mang has 9 hamlets
Ndarrup has 9 hamlets
Mverrup has 9 hamlets
Mambila term for hamlets is MBOR
Kabri has 8 hamlets hence 8 kassala
Vokude has 3 hamlets hence 3 kassala
Gembu has 6 hamlets hence 6 kassala

Dec 17th Rape and Fornication
Nyap (Ndiel) says:
There is plenty of sleeping with other peoples wives. The result is that the children of the wife, or the wife if she has no children gets sick. The usual fee if detected is 1 chicken for medicine.
Nyap, Lloyd and Benjamin did plenty of this before getting married.
Nyap and Benjamin slept with Brett s wife. Here children were always sick. Brett went to a man to cut sticks. The man said that 2 men had slept wife his wife. Brett asked the wife who said yes, Nyap and Benjamin had slept with her. The next day Nyap met Brett on the road and greeted him, Brett ignored him. That evening Nyap learned from others that Brett knew all. Brett did not mention it to either of the culprits nor did he ask for fowls. Three months later Benjamin came to Nyaps compound, and told him that Brett s wife was selling corn beer. The two went and were in the house alone with her. They brought beer, drank and played, but did not fornicate.
Brett came in. Was very angry, slapped his wife twice, and half heartedly tried to slap the two men, with no success. He cursed the two using the strong expression Meachi. He told them to get out Nyap and Benjamin were shaking with fright. They left.
Nyap says that when he and Benjamin got married they settled down.
Married men do not indulge so much. They fear that if they get caught, their wives will say that they will do the same.
Nyap says that if one rapes a single girl, even by force, there is no penalty, as the girl should not get sick. There is evidently no law against fornication but it is considered a sin and medicine must be made to render health either to the wife or the children. In the case of exchange marriage it is considered to be a theft of property and hence must be paid: i.e. 5 goats.
The big people are much against people sleeping with others wives, as it may lead to trouble and certainly to sickness. When Benjamin , Nyap and Lloyd were playing around the big people were vexed with them.

Dec 17th Cuthbert and Marriage
Nyap says that Cuthbert is foolish not to try and get married. I think that he is now on the verge of starting to try. Neal has been trying for some time.

Dec 17th Chiefs month and marriage.
Learned today that one could marry in the chiefs month, without paying a penalty to the chief, if one has previously slept with the girl. If one marries, without having slept with the girl and without giving a fowl to the chief, one of the pair will get very sick and will probably die unless fowl given to the chief and medicine made.
If one marries a girl one hasn't slept with, and give fowl to the chief, it is used for making medicine, protecting the pair from illness.

Dec 17th Weather
Ever since the end of the rains it has been very cold in the morning and quite cold in the evenings.
When the people go out to frighten the birds, they bring burning bits of grass or bits of burning wood to start a fire on the farm. This is only time when they go in the morning, and for the married people. The young boys seem to do usually without a fire, though sometimes they too make one.

Dec 18th Farm palaver
We arrived at Frederick s compound there was Frederick , Adrian , Archibald , Dyson , Mallam Taffi, Cuthbert , Charles , Mungo , Nathan , Dickson , Cadogan , V. Zielinski , Delaney and Frederick s wife.
The conversation was between Dyson Archibald , Adrian , Frederick . The rest mainly sat. Mallam Taffi talks a bit. Cadogan talks a lot.
It has to do with Mallam Tafis farm. Eugene name comes in several times. I think that it has something to do with selling farms.
Fay , Frederick s sister and other women were in the compound, but took no part in the discussion. Only Frederick s wife talked and this was mainly reminding Frederick of facts.
Adrian talks of and mentions Nathan s farms and Anderson s.
Frederick seems to act as a peacemaker. He calmed down Cadogan , when he seemed to be getting excited, and same for Adrian .
Henry and Bartholomew mentioned by Dyson .
Shovel, old type given to Frederick by Mallam Taffi.
They start talking about labourers and M. Taffi leaves. The thing breaks up. Archibald goes as does Clint etc etc.

Dec 18th John version of Farm Palaver at Lance s.
They say Cadogan s father bought farm from Hank . The argument now is that Mallam Taffi wants to take back the farm. Cadogan s father paid one shovel for it (This explains the shovel given to Frederick ). It was offered to Cadogan but he refused it. Cadogan didn't take it as he doesn't agree to returning farm. Frederick says it is better for M. Taffi to go and ask Cadogan for use of farm but not give shovel and take ownership. He goes on to say if he does then the palaver over farms sold a long long time ago. M. Taffi says no as if he asks Cadogan , Cadogan will not agree or give him only small.
Adrian says that they should go and see farm and give it back to him as M. Taffi has not enough. Cadogan vexed. Cadogan says that he doesn't even know boundary. They agree to go see farm.
Mallam Taffi says that Archibald gave Avis (Ian 's sister) a shovel back and took a farm that had been sold back. Therefore he says that they should give his back.
M. Taffi, Dyson , Delaney , Frederick , Adrian and Charles come to look at farm. It is a big one on the other side of the river toward the Mission.
Cadogan comes. The group proceeds down to the farm. We walk around the boundaries. Frederick , Adrian , Charles , Clint , Dyson , Cadogan , Nathan are there. The boundaries are well known and there is no argument.
Cadogan says that he doesn't agree. He says that the farm is too big for one shovel.
Gerald joins the group on its tour.
Delaney cuts the boundary. He does this as he is Nyena Nyu and thus safe from medicine.
Spears were carried by most people on this excursion.
Cadogan says that they must give him more. Mallam Taffi agrees and they move the boundary about 17ft in Cadogan 's favour.
Cadogan then agrees. Palaver finished.

Dec 18th Edwin s house
Clint , Delaney , Nathan , Adrian go from palaver immediately to house building.
This is about 11:00 am
Gregory , Edwin , Duke , Finlay , Rodney , V. Zielinski , Ezra , Bill are waiting as well as 2 men from Tscharl.
They make a wall about 1.5 ft high before putting in temporary frame.
The women of which there are about 10 go for water then wait for quite a while before going for another.
Anne , Benjamin s wife, Cadogan s wife, Nyaps wife and some girls are all carrying a pot of water from time to time.
Many people now start to come including Dominic , Nyap.
His two houses were just as high as my finger tips with arms outstretched.
Adrian s two houses are about as high as my wrist with arms outstretched. Rodney s are the highest I can barely reach the top with my fingertips by standing on tiptoe.
Five jugs of corn beer produced at the housebuilding

Dec 18th Rodney and Edwin s corn beer
The party began about 5. They first drank at Rodney s compound, then went on to Adrian s compound where they drank Edwin s. Lawton and another man came by. About 9:00 Martin had drunk 10 cups and shared two. The other men had drunk 10 cups and shared 4. Neither were drunk. Both said that they wanted more. Could drink at least twenty.
All were people from Tigul and Ndiel except Marcus and Rathbone . They just came for corn beer as they did no work, coming late.

Dec 18th Rathbone on Chiefs month
Rathbone says that the big medicine will not be made as his brother Ryan died. He expects to go stay at Tigul for awhile. Normally the medicine would be made tomorrow, as it is a full moon.
He says that they will make small medicine much later. This instead of the big medicine.
He went to stay at Tigul on the 18th and returned to Tscharl on the 21st.

Dec 19th Market
In the market were 27 women that is Mambila. They were selling yams, cocoa-yams, cassava, plantains, bananas and other small things. Some had corn to sell. Doris had two hens for 6 sh apiece which she didn't sell. One trader the man from Mbamga who is always here was here. He was the only non-Mambila. 7pots of corn beer for sale.
One man had plantain. About 4 men with salt. One with dried meat and one with a leg of cow.
3 Bororo women selling butter.
As usual all mission people come to buy food.
The only one having kola was Rolf s. He was selling Nyaps as Nyap at Mbem.
No man from Tscharl there as supervisor.

Dec 19th Corn Beer for sale.
Rolf s wife, Brett s wife and Frederick s wife. No great sale as so much drunk last night.

Dec 19th Neville s death.
Tonight and tomorrow there will be big dinner at Tigul for Neville . This is done as his father has come from Tangara. They dont do this for Warwar people, but as Neville s father came from Tangara they will do it for him. Tonight they will ring the bell to use Kurum to ensure that if Neville killed by witchcraft, the witch will die. Also they will explain how Neville died. They will drink some corn beer.
Tomorrow they will kill a lot of chickens to eat, not for medicine.
Garth has to bring 4 as he married Neville s first daughter. The husband of the second daughter brings 3, the husband of the third 2, the husband of the fourth 1, and any additional husbands of further daughters should bring one, but would be let off with 2 shillings. This is not a Warwar custom. That is if ones father is from Warwar it is not done.
Nathan is bringing one pot of corn beer. This is because he is a brother, and is courtesy, not required.

Dec 19th Alec 's Marriage
Alec has left his wife to go to Mang. Jarvis is very angry at him. He says that if he doesn't come back at once, Stewart who wants to will marry her.
John and others agree that Alec is strong head and unpleasant type.

Dec 21 Rodney kin with Neville
Rodney says that his fathers mother came from Ndauyp from the same Memin as Neville s fathers mother.
Bartholomew is not brother of Rodney .

Nov 21 Fire
About 3:00 a fire started down by Gregory 's guinea corn farm. It raced up the hill towards Bachi (Ian s district). People came from Tiket in large numbers and from lower Ndiel to help fight it.
They cut down many banana trees and the other trees that they use to catch water. Some of the green branches were laid down in rows to stop the fire. Others were used to stamp out the fire.
Laurence , Deverell and Jerome were in the thick of the fighting issuing orders.They were the only elders there. Others came later.
The people worked very hard. Though there was no organisation.
The women got water and threw it on the fire. Some of the women wailed just as at the death of a big man. They would quickly snap out of it and get back to work.
Ron circled the fire holding a leaf of lobal. This is supposed to make the fire peaceful.
Many banana and plantain trees were destroyed. After the fire no one seemed to be especially worried about it.
Ron got angry at Gregory as the fire started on his place, but the argument stilled by fire breaking out in another place. It did not flare up again; that is the argument.
Frederick came up, but Adrian didn't. He was the only lower Ndiel man in town not to come.
Nuaqua (Lorcan s mother) made lobal medicine too. She went round the compound with lobal and a calabash of water, splashing this over with the leaf.

Nov 21 Ian 's Housebuilding
The house was being built when fire broke out. All people began to fight fire.
Ian is building a square house with two rooms like Nyaps.
People working hard are:
Ian and his wife Hugo
Gerald Marsh Graeme
Edmund (Tscharl) Charles
V. Zielinski Garth
and some young men from Tscharl.
I asked Ian to ask Deverell to bring water. Ian did, Frederick was vexed that Ian should ask a big man to do work, until he explained that I had asked just in play.
Many of the young men from Tscharl carried water.
As soon as the fire was out, those asked to come help Ian began to work.

Dec 21st Harvey s compound in Tiket in front of Johnson s
Harvey s wife Yambap money
Male Joss 5
Male in arms no name 6 months

Dec 21st Johnson s compound
Now only Johnson s wife and Rudolf son about 5.
Rudolf is the son of Johnson s daughter who died at Tscharl. She was married with money - Rudolf is son of Neil of Jerome s compound
Joanna (daughter) in arms 9 mos. daughter of Johnson s daughter who died in Tscharl. They called her Joanna after her deceased mother. Joanna is the daughter of Enoch of Tscharl.

Dec 21st Female Nyena nyus
Can go take eggs from top of house.
They also can take first part of corn beer in basket if it is overflowing.
If a fowl is cooked for some medicine which women can eat even though medicine has not been made for them they may eat it.
They can ignore anti-theft medicine.

Dec 21 Nyena Nyu
Nyena Nyu never finishes. One is Nyena Nyu to all people to whom one is related through descent from a woman, such as mothers fathers mother, fathers, fathers mothers kin, etc.
Bryce on
Bryce will make fence medicine now that Neville died. That is fence medicine for Tigul. Bryce is older than Jake or Hiram .
The fence medicine made for Tigul helps Archibald at Ndiel, and plants {sic} the small ridge of guineacorn in the town. He helps all of the people by showing them how to plant it yearly on his trial plot.

Dec 22 Rathbone and Tscharl
The mother of Rathbone s father comes from their family. That is from the family of Bryce (Tigul). Bryce says that Nathan and Cadogan are his brothers. Adrian is not. The people of Neil s man are Bryce s brothers but not Benjamin .
Bryce says that he can marry Adrian s and Archibald s daughters but Benjamin can not marry Archibald s - as Archibald s sister was his mother.

Dec 22nd Brett s new house
Brett is building a new house in Harold s compound. He is going to live in Harold s compound. He says that he just wants to, and that it is not due to illness. He says that as Adrian is coming down to Ezra s and Jake s, he thinks it bad that Harold should be alone.
I believe that he does not like Adrian and does not want to live near him.

Dec 22nd Medicine for Finlay s wife at Harold s compound
Ezra and Bill were making medicine for Finlay s wife. She had borne a child some time ago. The child was born with the umbilical cord wrapped round its neck. They therefore have to make twin medicine. The child is in a way treated like a twin, but instead of constantly making medicine for it, it is only done once.
Harold has the medicine but was letting Bill and Ezra make it, to learn how.
A fowl was killed, as well as a small jug of corn beer drunk. The medicine made for all in compound, and they all participated in chicken and beer.
It is called Gul medicine not Felip medicine.

Dec 22nd Adrian s housebuilding
Adrian and Nyap (Ndiel) are tying the pole that will later support the thatch. They use long elephant grass stalks as a frame and tie them to the bamboo stalks.
For the entire roof they use 9 rounds of elephant grass stalks.

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