Plate 1 Adun: Trading canoes leading yams.
Plate 2 Osopong: Open country north of the Cross River.
Plate 3 Adun: Farmer with North-east Ibo Labourers.
Plate 4 Adun: Village Ovat at a burial rite
Plate 5 Adun: Girls dancing in pre-marriage rites.
Plate 6 Okum: The Ovat of the Ovurugi matriclan in Okumorutet setting out on a formal visit to Apiapum.
Plate 7 Osopong: Village shrine against witches and sorcerers.
Plate 8 Adun: A tribal meeting of many of the Avat.
Map 1 Position of the Mbembe People.
Map 2 Villages in the Obruba Division, South of the Cross River.
Map 3 Osopong Settlements.
Map 4 The Population of Villages in Obubra.
Map 5 Adun Settlements.
Map 6 Ofodua village Adun.
Map 7 An Ofodua hamlet.