Tshikanda was the second phase in Venda girls' initiation, between vhusha and domba. It took place every three to five years at the head-quarters of chiefs and certain senior headman, just before domba. Unlike vhusha, it was attended by both nobles and commoner girls, and together they learned the milayo (laws or esoteric knowledge), which were meant to prepare them for their future roles as wives and mothers. At tshikanda, considerable time was spent practising the ndayo exercises of vhusha, which were accompanied by music in a call and response form. But it was also at tshikanda that the drama of Thovela and Tshishonge was preformed, which reinforced the Venda divisions between nobles and commoners.

Scene from the drama of Thovela and Tshishonge: Tholvela with his attendants, his dog and his wives.

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