Social Organisation, Economy and Development

Stephen M. Lyon, University of Kent at Canterbury

From December 1998 to December 1999 I will be conducting doctoral research in social anthropology in a village in Northern Pakistan. I will be examining the relationship between social organisation, economy and development in an agricultural community. This website is designed with two goals in mind. Firstly, to make available some of the field data as it is being collected-- an experiment in 'open' ethnography. Secondly, to encourage users to comment on ongoing research offering alternate explanations or examples of their own experiences. I invite non-anthropologists as well as anthropologists. In particular Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan are warmly invited to comment on the progress. A selection of users' comments are made available periodically.

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View of Bhalot from the main road

List of Urdu and Punjabi kin terms

Limited genealogy showing descent from 2 brothers

Census Information (photo, questionnaires, prelim results)