Footnotes for Competitive Gift Exchange among the Mambila

  1.  The research on which the paper is based was carried out in 1952-1954. The author wishes to express his gratitude to the Wenner-Gren Foundation and University College, London, for financing the research, as well as to Dr. P. M. Kaberry and Dr. Ian Cunnison for reading a draft of this paper and making valuable suggestions fort its improvement.
  2.   Both boys and girls at about the age of twelve are given small plots of their own to cultivate. At part of their harvest should be given to the adult who is responsible for feeding them, the rest they may dispose of as they wish. Some is sold in the market and the money retained by the young owner, while a portion may be used to entertain one's partner.
  3.   While kinship ties are ignored for most practical purposes nevertheless a man would not be allowed to have intercourse with a kinswoman on these occasions. Sexual relations with any relative are prohibited at all times.