Rehfisch's handwritten index page to the typescript fieldnotes:

15 Alec s marriage
14 Exchange Marriage
13 Gore ?'s wife
11-12 Baxter 's wedding
8-9 Simon 's marriage
3 Adultery
114-5 Baxter 's marriage
109 discussion between co-wives
108 marital relations
107 bridewealth
106 women!
104-5 Marriage according to Adrian
103 Marriage
102 John on marriage
100-1 marriage
99 Introducing mother-in-law
96 Tschuk medicine for recent bride
88-9 bridewealth
87 marriage
89 Exchange marriage
4-6 Distances
79-84 marriage hunting

Beer given 425, 112 (by Frederick 's group) 1 dog 4 chickens 1 sheep one leg of cow.

Oct 2nd Charlie went to Simon rather unexpectedly was supposed to go tomorrow at noon but Clint went to get her in the market.
Oct 4th Discussion of bridewealth with Nyap.
Sept 27th Nyap's full brother from French side came to Warwar.
Sept 13th Cadogan wants new wife as present one old and cannot work.
Sept 7th Nathan makes Shoa medicine for Clifford . One of Brett 's wife left him as he flogged her. Had tried to take Clifford 's wife from him.
July 12. Clifford paid 5 sh. for one pot of beer as he is trying to get a girl she had made the beer.
June 7th. Ultimate penalty for seduction if goats cannot be paid and family would not help was to be given as slave to offended groom.
March 4th Delivery of grass for roof.
Feb 24 Distances: Warwar to
Gembu 5-6 miles NW
Vokude 3 miles SW
Dorofi 10 miles SE
Tamnyar 16 miles S
Kara 9 miles N
Kabri 12 miles NE

Fieldnotes I - a lot on marriage to IX
p 72-75 Frederick s Marriage history
Love medicine p 70
adultery p 36

Wife beating p 53-59
Marriage 33-4

Marital history 48
Rape 21

Widow inheritance 44
wife palaver 18

pregnancy taboo 38
Menstruation 18


Colin on chieftainship

Native chiefs. Most honoured one in Warwar is Rathbone also one here called Gregory.
European chief is chosen according to ability from ex-chief's immediate family, preferably a son or brother.
Native chief has many ritual duties therefore they do not want him to be European chief as well. He is very important religiously. Leopard must be given to him before it is cut up. Birds with red feathers on their head also. Cobra must be taken to chief as well as boa. One type of bush fowl also. Guinea fowl feathers can only be worn by people who have killed a leopard or plenty of people in war time.
Native chiefs used to have special chair and a cap with guinea fowl feathers as well as cockatoo feathers and have bush cow tai1 which they hold in their hand. (John says that he doesn't know about cap).

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