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1874 catalogue entry:
79a. WICKER SHIELD, Ysabel Island, of the same form as No. 79, but with a slight concavity at the sides.
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Pitt Rivers Museum record:
General Description: Solomon Islands wicker shield
Accession number: 1884.140.9
Continent: Oceania Melanesia Country: Solomon Islands Region: Santa Isabel
Dimensions: L = 787 mm W [at handle] = 189 mm
When collected: ?Prior to 1874
Other owners: Pitt Rivers sent this object to Bethnal Green Museum for display by ?early 1874.
Delivery Catalogue II entry - Shields etc. Wicker shield, Ysabel Island 79a
Added Accession Book VI entry - Shield of wicker. Ysabel Island PR 79a. Found un-entered when numbering shields in store [AP]
?Old Pitt Rivers label - Wicker shield Ysabel Island Solomon Ids. PR coll 79a.
Written on object - 79a
Other information - Displayed in Bethnal Green and South Kensington Museums (V&A). Note that there were no original accession book or card catalogue entries, for whatever reason this object was not listed in the original accession book exercise in the 1920s. The shield is decorated with the same black pigment designs back and front. The handle is made of plant fibre and there is a piece of plant fibre or leaf attached to the shield behind the handle. The shield is wider at one end than the other.
PR number: 79a

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