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1874 catalogue entry:
66. OBLONG SHIELD of Elephant's hide. Fan negroes, Gaboon, West Africa.

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Pitt Rivers Museum record:
General Description: Fan shield made from elephant's hide.
Accession number: 1884.30.34
Continent: Africa Country: Gabon Group: Fang
Dimensions: L = 875 mm, W = 710 mm
Field collector: RBN Walker
When collected: ?Prior to 1874
Other owners: RBN Walker. Pitt Rivers sent this object to Bethnal Green Museum for display by ?early 1874.
Black book entry - Screen 2 28 Shield, oblong with wings, Fan Negroes, Gaboon (66)
Delivery Catalogue II entry - Shields from different localities. Oblong shield, elephant hide, Gaboon 66
Accession Book IV entry - Large oblong shield of elephant hide, Fan, Gaboon, W Africa
Card Catalogue entry - ALF 66. West Africa Gaboon Fan. 66 = 28 black. Large oblong shield of elephant hide. Original Pitt Rivers collection.
Old General Pitt Rivers Label - Printed label - Oblong shield of elephant's hide, Fan Negroes, Gabon, W Africa, pres [sic - presented] by Mr Walker
Other information - Displayed in Bethnal Green and South Kensington Museums (V&A). The provenance and the old General Pitt Rivers label suggest that this might be a RBN Walker object, however none of the other sources do.
PR number: 66

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