Specific Shields in the 1874 Catalogue

We have reproduced a section from the 1874 catalogue of the displays of Pitt Rivers' collections at Bethnal Green Museum. This has been transcribed exactly as published in 1874; some of the spelling and punctuation may therefore differ from current usage and some group names may now be considered offensive to the peoples concerned. In the interests of historical accuracy no amendments have been made to the original text except for the addition of the Pitt Rivers Museum accession numbers related to each object description [in bold, coloured text, in square parentheses].

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Types of shield and shield-use described in the Catalogue section, include:

No shield used

Clubs used as shields

Parrying sticks and shields:

Australian Heileman or shields
Parrying sticks and shields, Africa
Parrying shields of double antelopes' horns, India
Long narrow shields from the Asiatic Isles